The Principles of Masonic Law | Albert G. Mackey


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A Treatise on the Constitutional Laws, Usages and Landmarks of Freemasonry.



INTRODUCTION | The Authorities For Masonic Law
CHAPTER I - Historical Sketch
CHAPTER II - Of The Mode Of Organizing Grand Lodges
CHAPTER III - Of The Members Of A Grand Lodge
CHAPTER IV - Of The Officers Of A Grand Lodge
SECTION I - Of the Grand Master
SECTION II - The Deputy Grand Master
SECTION III - Of the Grand Wardens
SECTION IV - Of the Grand Treasurer
SECTION V - Of the Grand Secretary
SECTION VI - Of the Grand Chaplain
SECTION VII - Of the Grand Deacons
SECTION VIII - Of the Grand Marshal
SECTION IX - Of the Grand Stewards
SECTION X - Of the Grand Sword-Bearer
SECTION XI - Of the Grand Tiler
CHAPTER V - Of The Powers And Prerogatives Of A Grand Lodge
SECTION I - General View
SECTION II - Of the Legislative Power of a Grand Lodge
SECTION III - Of the Judicial Power of a Grand Lodge
SECTION IV - Of the Executive Power of a Grand Lodge
CHAPTER I - Of The Nature And Organization Of Subordinate Lodges
CHAPTER II - Of Lodges Under Dispensation
CHAPTER III - Of Lodges Working Under A Warrant Of Constitution
SECTION I - Of the Powers and Rights of a Lodge
SECTION II- Of the Duties of a Lodge
CHAPTER IV - Of The Officers Of A Subordinate Lodge
SECTION I - Of the Officers in General
SECTION II - Of the Worshipful Master
SECTION III - Of the Wardens
SECTION IV - Of the Treasurer
SECTION V - Of the Secretary
SECTION VI - Of the Deacons
SECTION VII - Of the Stewards
SECTION VIII - Of the Tiler
CHAPTER V - Of Rules Of Order
SECTION I - Of the Order of Business
SECTION II - Of Appeals from the Decision of the Chair
SECTION III - Of the Mode of Taking the Question
SECTION IV - Of Adjournments
SECTION V - Of the Appointment of Committees
SECTION VI - Of the Mode of Keeping the Minutes
CHAPTER I - Of The Qualifications Of Candidates
SECTION I - Of the Moral Qualifications of Candidates
SECTION II - Of the Physical Qualifications of Candidates
SECTION III - Of the Intellectual Qualifications of Candidates
SECTION IV - Of the Political Qualifications of Candidates
SECTION V - Of the Petition of Candidates for Admission, and the Action Thereon
SECTION VI - Of Balloting for Candidates
SECTION VII - Of the Reconsideration of the Ballot
SECTION VIII - Of the Renewal of Applications by Rejected Candidates
SECTION IX - Of the Necessary Probation and Due Proficiency of Candidates before Advancement.
SECTION X - Of Balloting for Candidates in each Degree
SECTION XI - Of the Number to be Initiated at one Communication
SECTION XII - Of Finishing the Candidates of one Lodge in another
SECTION XIII - Of the Initiation of Non-residents
CHAPTER II - Of The Rights Of Entered Apprentices
CHAPTER III - Of The Rights Of Fellow Crafts
CHAPTER IV - Of The Rights Of Master Masons 
SECTION I - Of the Right of Membership
SECTION II - Of the Right of Visit
SECTION III - Of the Examination of Visitors
SECTION IV - Of Vouching for a Brother
SECTION V - Of the Right of Claiming Relief
SECTION VI - Of the Right of Masonic Burial
CHAPTER V - Of The Rights Of Past Masters
CHAPTER VI - Of Affiliation
CHAPTER VII - Of Demitting
CHAPTER VIII - Of Unaffiliated Masons
CHAPTER I - Of What Are Masonic Crimes
CHAPTER II - Of Masonic Punishments
SECTION I - Of Censure
SECTION II - Of Reprimand
SECTION III - Of Exclusion from the Lodge
SECTION IV - Of Definite Suspension
SECTION V - Of Indefinite Suspension
SECTION VI - Of Expulsion
CHAPTER III - Of Masonic Trials
SECTION I - Of the Form of Trial
SECTION II - Of the Evidence in Masonic Trials
CHAPTER IV - Of The Penal Jurisdiction Of A Lodge
CHAPTER V - Of Appeals
CHAPTER VI- Of Restoration
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