The Spirit Of Masonry



William James Hutchinson (1732-1814) was a solicitor, antiquarian, novelist, Freemason, prominent member of the Royal Society of Antiquaries and, for some years, Master of the Masonic Lodge of Concord at Barnard Castle. The series of lectures Hutchinson composed and delivered to the Lodge attracted so much attention that he was requested to publish them in permanent form.

Although of a highly religious, Christian character, it soon became a classic in the literature of Freemasonry. Received with enthusiasm, it was widely accepted as the first work to deal with the religion, philosophy, spirituality, purpose, and deeper significance of Free- masonry. Its popularity among Masonic scholars has never decreased.



Introduction | Foreword

The Spirit Of Masonry
Introductory Dissertation On The State Of Freemasonry In The Eighteenth Century

Lecture I - The Design

Lecture II - On The Rites, Ceremonies, And Institutions Of The Ancients

Lecture III - On The Rites, Ceremonies, And Institutions Of The Ancients (II)

Lecture IV - The Nature Of The Lodge

Lecture V- The Furniture Of The Lodge

Lecture VI - The Apparel And Jewels Of Masons

Lecture VII - The Temple At Jerusalem

Lecture VIII - On Geometry

Lecture IX - The Master Mason's Order

Lecture X - The Secrecy Of Masons

Lecture XI - On Charity

Lecture XII - On Brotherly Love

Lecture XIII - On The Occupations Of Masons

Lecture XIV - A Corollary


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