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IT is the earnest desire of the author of this Monitor to discover that all the Commanderies invest the beautiful, instructive and entertaining Order of the Red Cross with the interest its importance demands. The Ritual provides ample opportunity for the display of true dramatic taste, both in robing and in reading. It also presents the great central thought of the Order,—TRUTH,— as it has never been presented previous to the adoption at Denver.
The feeling had become almost universal that the Order of the Red Cross was of slight importance, and was at best little more than a social observance. Hence the ceremonials were hurried over, the candidate was practically told that it was mere matter of form, and he went away profoundly impressed that the Commandery was indeed a jovial institution. Never was a graver mistake, and the impression so made was more injurious than beneficial. The Ritual now adopted cannot fail to correct that erroneous view of the value of the Order.



Preface To Fifth Edition

Note By The Publishers

The Illustrious Order Of The Red Cross

Order Of The Red Cross

To Open A Council Of The Red Cross

The Records Of Our Fathers

Three Ancient Cities Of Persia

Concluding Remarks

The Valiant And Magnanimous Order Of The Temple

History Of The Order In The United States

To Open A Commandery

Second House Of The Templars

Third House Of The Templars

Historical Lecture

The Charge

To Close The Commandery

A Ritualistic Commentary

The So-Called Vision Of Constantine

An Historical Fact

Dress Of The Ancient Templars

The Ancient Motto

"It Is Finished."

Appendix. Ceremonial - Observances Of The Order

Dedication And Consecration Of Asylums

Constituting New Commanderies

Installation Of Officers Of A Commandery

Grand Commanderies

Installation Of Grand Encampment

Templar Uniform

Burial Service

The Order Of Malta, Or Knight Hospitaler,Of The Order Of Saint John Of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes And Malta

To Open A Priory

Second Appendix

Templar Forms

Third Appendix

The Grand Master

Hints To Eminent Commanders

Rules Of Order

A Form Of Divine Worship

Ritual Of A Commandery Of Sorrow

The Christmas Observance

Form Of Recorder's Minutes

Hints On Templar Banquets


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