The Fellow-Craft´s Handbook




THOSE who have read the first volume of this series, which deals with the E.A. Degree, will realize that our ceremonies have a deep inner meaning and teach profound spiritual lessons seldom realised by the average Mason.
In the second volume we are dealing with the degree of Life, in its broadest sense, just as in the first degree we were dealing with the degree of birth, and as life in reality is educational for the Soul, we are not surprised to find that throughout the whole degree the subject of education is more or less stressed.


Author’s Preface

Introduction by John Cockburn

The Mysteries

Author’s Preface Introduction

Chapter I

Preparation, Pass Word And Opening Ceremony

Chapter II

Preliminary Steps

Chapter III

The Secrets

Chapter IV

Conclusion Of The Ceremony

Chapter V

The Tracing Board

Chapter VI

Closing Ceremony




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