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The Meaning of Masonry

The papers here collected are written solely for members of the Masonic Order. To all such they are offered in the best spirit of fraternity and goodwill and with the wish to render to the Order some small return for the profit the author has received from his association with it extending over thirty-two years. They have been written with a view to promoting the deeper understanding of the meaning of Masonry; to providing the explanation of it that one constantly hears called for and that becomes all the more necessary in view of the unprecedented increase of interest in, and membership of, the Order at the present day.

Walter Leslie Wilmhurst

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The Position And Possibilities Of The Masonic Order
The Deeper Symbolism Of Freemasonry
Masonry As A Philosophy
The Holy Royal Arch Of Jerusalem
Freemasonry In Relation To The Ancient Mysteries


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Walter Leslie Wilmshurst (1867–1939) was an English author and Freemason. He published four books on English Freemasonry and submitted articles to The Occult Review magazine. Born in Chichester, Wilmshurst was initiated as a Mason in the Huddersfield lodge in 1889, having moved to the town to become a solicitor, for a time becoming president of the Huddersfield Law Society. He died in Huddersfield.