Freemasonry, Its Hidden Meaning | George H. Steinmetz


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Over twenty-five years of experience in Masonry has forced the conclusion that this lack of interest of Masons in Masonry is largely due to failure on the part of the Lodge to teach the science and philosophy of Masonry, especially to the younger members, at the time when their curiosity is aroused and their interest is flaming. Masonry has been defined as a "system of morals, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols." The ritual nowhere adequately explains these symbols and allegories, and not only conceals the true explanations but also often actually misleads. To transform rough ashlars into perfect ashlars, reading, study and instruction are required. It should not be forgotten that only stones capable of being fashioned should be admitted to our Venerable Institution, and that the INTERNAL QUALIFICATIONS should be carefully scrutinized.

Masters of Lodges, officers and coaches are continually being asked questions by those of inquiring minds which they are all too often unable to answer. The necessary in- formation can be obtained only from the continual and persistent study of the writings of those Masonic students who have placed their thoughts and researches upon the written page, thus conforming to the admonition to the "well informed brethren" to impart knowledge to the lesser informed.

In this book Brother Steinmetz has created an elementary textbook and guide for the study and understanding of the esoteric meanings of Masonry. He is eminently well qualified to undertake this task, being well versed in the Mysteries, a student of Hebrew, a clear, logical thinker, realizing the necessity for continued Masonic education.





By Way of Introduction

Masonry - Religion

Mental Science


The Secret Doctrine

Entered Apprentice

Entered Apprentice Lecture


Middle Chamber Lecture

Master Mason

The Great Moral Lesson

Master Mason Lecture

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