The Apocalypse of Freemasonry


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A Constructive Scheme of Interpretation of the Symbolism of the Masonic Lodge

An exceptional interpretation of the Masonic symbolism of all the elements of the Lodge.




How The Light Came

The Darkness Of Nature

The Darkness Of The Mind

Light And Darkness In The Mysteries

The Masonic Ritual

Evidential Value Of Our Symbols

The Need Of Caution

The Three Temples

Our Organisation

The Number 7 Duplicated

Form, Site, And Fabric Of The Lodge


Continuity Of The Degrees

The Porch Of The E.A.

The Porch Of The M.M.

The Twin Pillars

The Master Pillar 

The Place Of Light In The Lodge

The Act Of Illumination

Our Mystic Light

The Mason's Outlook

The Pavement And Its Border

The Square Pavement Of The M.M.

The Ladder Of The Initiate

The Staircase Of The F.C.

The Hebrew Characters

The Ear Of Corn

The Middle Chambers

Our Chamber Identified

The Lighting Of The Lodge

The Blazing Star

The Sacred Symbol

The Bright Morning Star

Moral Of The Light

The Dormer

Our Meridian Light

The Mystery Of Death

The Moral Of The G. In The Third Degree

The Fullness Of Light

The Paradox Of The M.M.'S Light

Our Claim To Penetration 



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