The Bologna Statutes Or Carta Di Bologna



The “Statutes and Regulations of the Society of the Masters of Masonry and Carpentry” was originally written in Latin by a notary of Bologna by order of the “Podestà” of Bologna, Bonifacio De Cario, and is dated: August 8, 1248. This manuscript is currently preserved in the State Archives of Bologna. According to historian specialist in Masonry, father Ferrer Benimeli, in his commentary on the “Carta di Bologna” says: “As much for the legal, as for the symbolic and representative aspects, the Statutes of Bologna of 1248, with the documents attached to it, connects us with an Operative Masonry that was thus far unknown, and that is of interest to the modern international historiography, particularly of Masonry, because it is placed, by its chronology and importance hitherto unknown, at the height of the British manuscript “Regius Poem” which is much newer, and that until now was considered the oldest and most important work.”



Statutes and Regulations of the Masters of Masonry and of Carpentry 11
Oath of the aforesaid Masters 12
About insulting words against the Officers or the Steward 14
Sanctions to those who do not appear having been summoned to the appointed place 15
Election of Officers and Steward and Meetings of the Society 16
That no one can elect someone who is his Son or Brother 17
That the Masters do obey the Officers and the Steward 18
How and in what manner the Masters enter the Society and how much they must pay for their admission 19
No Master shall harm another Master in his Work 21
The Accounts that the Steward must render and the Duties of his Office 22
Election of the Financial Auditors 24
Transcription of the Reforms by the Council 25
That the Steward and the Officers shall render Account for their Charge only once and no more 26
Orders to be given by the Officers and by the Steward 27
If a Master hires Another in his Work 28
How much the Officers and the Steward are to be paid 29
Candles that need to be place next to the deceased [at funerals or wakes] on account of the Society of Masters 30
That all Masters are obliged to go together to a Deceased Member when they were summoned 31
The Officers are required to assist the sick members and give them advice 32
Nuncios shall travel at the expense of those who were sanctioned, and who refuse to give a bond 33
Of those who undertake contracts 34
No one shall go to be blessed more than once 35
No one shall receive the Benediction by his own authority 36
No one shall go beyond the corner of the altar 37
The equal sharing of Communal Tasks among Masters 38
No one shall rise in an assembly of Masters to give his opinion on matters other than that which is proposed by the Officers or the Steward 39
No one shall make noise nor shout when someone is speaking or makes a proposal in an assembly of the Society of the above said Masters 40
The remuneration of the Nuncio 41
How and in what manner the members of the Society shall gather for a deceased member and in which places 42
Each member of the Society shall pay annually four Denari for the masses 43
No one can take an apprentice for a period less than four years 44
Everyone shall show to the Officers the contract of his Apprentice within a year from the time he took him on 45
No one shall employ someone who is not of the city or county of Bologna or who is someone’s servant 46
The Masters shall be obliged to make the Apprentices enter into the Society after two years 47
No member of the Society shall work for someone who owes something to a Master 48
The Society shall last for ten years 49
No one shall complain about the Officers before the Podestà or his tribunal 50
Publication of the Statutes 51
The Steward and the Officers shall collect the Levies 52
The Nuncio of the Society shall stay in office for one year 53
The Notary of the Society 54
There shall be two books with the names of the Masters of Carpentry 55
Accounts to be given by the Officers and Steward 56
The making of a Roster 57
No one shall say slander the Society 58
The Officers shall lapse 59
The Societies shall meet separately 61
Remuneration of the Redactors of the Statutes 62
The making of a Candle 63
Candles to be given each year to the church of Saint Peter 64
A Master who dismisses an apprentice before the prescribed term cannot assume another one 65
The purchase of a funereal Pall for the Society 66
Remuneration to the Councilor for the Elderly 67
The Steward and the Officers shall give Accounts 68
No noise shall be made in an Assembly 69
The Society shall meet at the church of Saint Peter 70
There shall be several Nuncios when someone of the Society dies 71
Those who do not give the money for the masses 72
Copies of the Statutes of the Society 73
The Security to be given to the Nuncio of the Society 74
The remuneration of the Notary of the Society 75
The remuneration of the Financial Auditors 76

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