The Entered Apprentice´s Handbook




 The reception which Bro. Ward’s books have received at the hands of the Craft, prove that they meet a recognised requirement as expositions of the character of a ritual with whose external features we are familiar, and in which we take our daily delight.

The present volume is No. 1 in a series of studies as to the meaning of our Ritual. It deals with the degree of an Entered Apprentice and is calculated to inspire the younger brethren with the resolve not to content themselves with the outward form of our ceremonies, beautiful though it be, but to gain a knowledge of the indwelling soul of Masonry and to comprehend the deep meaning of the ritual with which they are step by step becoming familiar. Hence they will learn to regard the Craft not only as a world spread, civilising medium, nor yet only as the most benevolent of all Institutions, but also as a mine of surpassing wealth in which the Wisdom of the Ages has become embedded and preserved. 


Author’s Preface

Introduction by John Cockburn

The Mysteries


Chapter 1: The Opening

Chapter 2: The Tyler

Chapter 3: Preparation

Chapter 4: Admission

Chapter 5: The Obligation

Chapter 6: The Sign, Token and Word

Chapter 7: The Charge

Chapter 8: The Closing




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