The Master Mason´s Handbook



The Third Degree in Freemasonry is termed the Sublime Degree, and the title is truly justified. Even in its exoteric aspect its simple, yet dramatic, power must leave a lasting impression on the mind of every Candidate. But its esoteric meaning contains some of the most profound spiritual instruction which it is possible to obtain today.

Even the average man, who entered Freemasonry with little realisation of its real antiquity and elaborate symbolism, cannot fail to be impressed with the solemnity of this, its greatest degree.


Author’s Preface Introduction by John Cockburn

Chapter 1: Questions and Pass Word

Chapter 2: The Opening

Chapter 3: The Symbolical Journeys, etc.

Chapter 4: The Exhortation

Chapter 5: The Secrets

Chapter 6: The Badge

Chapter 7: The Legend

Chapter 8: The Tracing Board, etc.

Chapter 9: The Closing

Chapter 10: Conclusion


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